Marcela Montemayor


Pleasure of seeing comes from various theories that posit the sense of sight as the most significant of all, referring to the way in showing us the world around us and lets us know without excluding the other senses, in the case of art, we talk about the sense that protrudes more time to appreciate it, but both the eye and the other senses at the time, becomes a rare experience because of customs and rules that exist to keep the distance. My concerns are mainly focused on awakening the other senses, especially taste, not achieve it and generate reflections on the painting not only as an object but as something that has the ability to perpetuate the ephemeral over time.

In fact, I talk about food and the pleasure experienced in eating and in turn metaphorically speaking, to extend a pleasure (whatever that is) suppressing pain or discomfort that affects us, this only as an ideal, when asked about habits such as denial, an issue that states the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer as well as the issue of fleeting satisfaction.

My intention is to endure the feeling of desire by sight, although the taste is not activated, the viewing pleasure you can endure the feeling of desire through images of food that are visually very attractive. Similarly, the taste is usually associated with appetite, the urge that drives us to eat, but can also refer to provisions and personal preferences as when we say the words:'‘I like this thing’', because the view allows us to appreciate and learn about our surroundings and any sense by itself could fill the roles of others and turn when the light is also turned the experience around the recognition of the image as it may be the memories.